Review: Rushing The Goal (Assassins #8) by Toni Aleo


RUSHING THE GOALnow-available-01Introduced in Toni Aleo’s Bellevue Bullies Series, it’s the Sinclair brothers’ big sister’s turn to find love in the next installment of the New York Times and USA Today best-selling series, the Assassins.


Lucy Sinclair was no stranger to pain.

She grew up with three younger brothers, met a bad boy, got pregnant by him, married him, and then suffered through a nasty divorce from him. Pain. That was pain. To top it off, she even had to go through the heartbreaking divorce of her parents. Through it all, she survived. All she cared about was making sure her daughter was happy and taken care of. Despite an ex-husband hell-bent on ruining her life, she fought to overcome. She’s gotten to the point that she’s okay with being just okay. She never cared about herself because she never had the time. It was Angie and only Angie she focused on, but that all changed when Benji Paxton offered to help her daughter on the ice.


Benji knew the moment he saw Lucy, he’d never be the same. Especially when she came with the bundle of crazy that was her daughter. His heart wasn’t ready for them. After years spent sobering up and finding who he was without the alcohol, he never forgot he was being punished for not appreciating the love he had when he was younger. Because of his past, he had gotten used to being alone, a recluse, but even he had to admit it was getting old. He was lonely. Hockey wasn’t enough anymore. He wanted a family; he wanted his true love, and Lucy and Angie were just that.

lost souls 2-01

Benji and Lucy were just two lost souls.
Floating through life with no purpose.
But finding each other gave them direction, a chance at a future.

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Rushing-the-GoalThis book is for any single mom who wants to give up.

Just keep being a great mom. And take care of yourself.

Your prince is coming.


*I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Oh how I’ve missed the Assassins! I’m so happy to be back in that team with Rushing The Goal. We got to know Benji a little in Overtime, but there was still a lot to discover about him. A man who has lost everything, but fought back, not ready to give up quite yet. Addiction is a constant battle, though Benji is in a good place right now. The one thing missing in his life of course is love. You wouldn’t immediately expect such a big, strong guy, who has it made, to be so awkward and dorky when it comes to the ladies. Though to me this only made him more approachable and adorable.

I’ve got to be honest about Lucy, she wasn’t my favorite character before. She showed us only her hard side, making it very difficult to like her. I understand life as a single mom, with an ex from hell is absolutely not easy. Though it’s the way she responds to all the misery in her life that I could quite not get. Lucy was bitter, angry pretty much all the time, and her being snarky is an excellent way to keep everyone at a distance. Though I have to admit, I admire the way she put her daughter before anything. Only this also includes her own happiness, and no one wants that for her.

So when these two meet it’s quite intense. Lucy doesn’t quite know what to think of the big guy, while Benji is intrigued from the first look. It’s a slow progress getting Lucy to step out of her shell, so it’s lucky that connection between Benji and Angie (Lucy’s daughter) is there from the get go. I loved those interactions between these two, those were some of my favorite parts of the book. Though seeing Lucy slowly open up was quite a surprise. Getting to see this whole other side of her was definitely necessary for me to be completely on her side. She is so lucky with Benji. He’s the type of guy you can really rely on, with a good heart, and so much love to give.

I just can not get over how amazing Benji is, I feel I can gush about him for days. He’s definitely in my top three of Assassin guys right now. He’s not perfect, but he’s pretty damn close. And his relationship with Angie is so amazing. The way he treats Lucy is just what she needs, and a good few romps in the bed definitely helped her loosen up.

Toni Aleo has once again done a superb job with Rushing The Goal. She writes complex, realistic characters you so easily fall for. In the same way she can write characters you can so easily hate, without it being over the top. I’m talking about Lucy’s ex here, there is a special place in hell for people like that. A roller coaster of emotions you did not want to end, I can not recommend Rushing The Goal enough!

4 stars

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